My Borderline Boyfriend

Artwork made by A. Dante Bravo, intended as the "cover art" for something a bit out of my comfort zone.

“My Borderline Boyfriend" is a song written about loving someone with borderline personality disorder. When it comes to BPD, I noticed a lack of empathetic depictions of people with this disorder. I'm not practiced when it comes to music, but I needed to have this song exist outside of my head.

Luckily I knew a musician I could trust to perform the song with dignity and empathy. Thank you so much, Shamika, for letting me commission you and for bringing my vision to life. It is an incredible gift to feel seen, I am so grateful for your art.

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Song & Video Performance (Google Drive Link)
Poetry by A.Dante Bravo
Performed by Shamika L. Moore

My borderline boyfriend
Knows you’ll abandon him one day
God made him absolutely unlovable
Or so his mother used to say

On a roller coaster of emotion
For no reason or so it seems
He either hates you or he loves you
There is no in between

He never asked to be unstable
Reckless, anxious or depressed
Making choices far too risky
Or maybe just adventurous

He would if he were able to
Be all that he could be
He needs prescriptions and a therapist
To mend his self esteem

If you remind him that you love him,
He’s not a burden or a bore,
You will earn yourself a loyalty
You’ve never had before

You have no right to judge him
If you don’t understand his world
It’s a disability, not a frivolity
Believing love is undeserved

I’ll repeat it as much as needed
“Nothing can take your worth away,”
He won’t believe it, but he’ll hear it
I have faith he will someday 🖤