The Mitote

The Mitote (mee-toh-tay) is a concept from ancient Toltec mythology, it is the voice of self doubt and the ceaseless chattering of the inner critic. I was commissioned by Creatively Queer Press to create art for their Latinx+ story anthology CUENTOS. I chose the Mitote because I was battling my own Mitote during the making of this book. Since creating this piece and the accompanying short story, I have been promoted to Chief Editor of the publishing company. Creatively Queer Press has already paid the artists who contributed to CUENTOS upfront. We as a small press run Kickstarter campaigns to fund printing, including ISBN and UPC barcodes to make the books ready to be sold in stores.

Here is the Kickstarter for the bilingual Latinx+ mythology collection, CUENTOS:

-Andres D. Bravo